Vista Condominium

Vista Condominium

Location and great potential for investment might be two of the main factors for most people when it comes to deciding on property purchase. However, should one looks beyond and seek the feeling of comport and relaxation then Vista condominium would be the one not to be missed. We are here as a symbol of modernization and comfort. We have a concept of building a place for you to call home.


Vista condominium has three different types and sizes of unit. The condominium is equipped with high quality material from United State, Europe, Japan and many more. The whole condominium has all safety features with each individual unit are built with two-layered protection, key card elevators, electronic doors, security camera, security personnel, and smoke alarms.


These are built-in offers at your door step. On the top floor, Vista offers swimming pool, gym, yoga, sauna, and sky bar. On ground floor, there are café and beauty salon. These offers ensure that while staying at the condominium, people can chill, enjoy good food and maintain their well-being.


Vista is in close proximity to Aeon II Mall, Makro Mall, Cambo City, TK Avenue, Eden Garden, Calamet Hospital, Australian International School of Phnom Penh. All of the above are in about five to 10 minute drive from Vista.